The people of Scranton have been patiently waiting for the City of Scranton to become a viable place to live. The city has been in distressed status since 1992 and little has changed in terms of how the city is administered. High taxes, crushing fees, and costly living have become routine in this city. And the hope for many Scrantonians is to simply leave. They are tired of the lack of jobs, progress and leadership. The crushing debt makes the city unsustainable and there are no ideas from government on how to fix these issues. Residents are struggling to live in a city that is dotted with blighted homes and plummeting home values. They yearn for relief!

Save Scranton is an organization that was formed to create the community base to change the city of Scranton for the better. We believe that Scranton can be great again. And with the input from local residents and incorporating ideas that have already worked in other cities, we can make Scranton an amazing place to live. We will not wait for the government to change things. We will empower the people of Scranton through our amazing community development programs and campaigns. The people of Scranton will determine the future of Scranton. We will include everyone who wants to help. Yes, together we will Save Scranton. #SaveScranton


Save Scranton was started by Gary St. Fleur. A recent transplant from NYC, Gary St. Fleur came to Scranton to work on the founding of a startup that would disrupt the current model in polling aggregation- that’s a mouthful. During that time, he was frequently informed by locals that Scranton was the “Most corrupt city” in America. Not willing to believe such a claim, Gary attempted to make the most of his time in Scranton but felt compelled to act once it became noticeable that something was indeed off with the City of Scranton. Despite being filled with lovely people and a strong sense of community, the City of Scranton is in the grips of an entrenched corrupt political machine. Scranton’s political machine’s machination has resulted in an economic depressed city that functions merely to cater to the government and government affiliates. Gary created Save Scranton to inform the rest of the country what transpires in Scranton in an effort to expose the extent of the corruption that takes place in this city and rally the Scranton people towards a common cause- taking back their city. Furthermore, Gary has organized local Scrantonians to seek means to remedy failing prospects of the city and return the fate of the city into the hands of the people of Scranton. It is his hope that the destruction of the status quo within Scranton would permit an outgrowth of opportunity through the utilization of technology, sensible tax policies and a renewed dedication toward promoting prosperity for all Scrantonians- not just the well connected!