Recent Moody’s Updates Scranton Financial Health In Light of Act 511 Court Ruling

Today, Moody’s has released a report stating that the recent ruling against the city of Scranton regarding Act 511 could mean dire consequences for the city(lower taxes for residents!)(more info). The report explains that the city collects 1/3rd of its revenue from act 511 taxes, these are all local taxes outside of property taxes. If the court ruling prevails, Scranton will not be able to continue its operations without any new revenue sources. Then again, Scranton can always cut cost and decreasing spending. Everyone makes due with the budget they have. Scranton must do the same!!!


The city of Scranton makes the argument that it cannot make any cuts but this is rather dishonest assessment. The city could decrease employee salaries, create new programs such as moving the fire department into a voluntary unit or make technological upgrade to decrease the amount of administrative staff. Departments can be streamlined and waste can be curtailed. The people of Scranton are not responsible for the lack of fiscal responsibility demonstrated by the city of Scranton. The people of Scranton are also not responsible for bailing out the city from its financial mess. The good people of Scranton need their income to improve their homes and theirs lives, which is fundamental to increasing economic activity the city sorely needs. The city has 50% of its retired policemen on disability and 58% of its retired firemen on disability; I am certain that there are adjustments that could be made to these ranks of disabled former employees if they are currently working elsewhere. In addition, if there are pension payments due to spiking (employees working overtime to increase their pension payments) this also can be changed. Scranton needs real leadership!- Someone who is not willing to sell the people of Scranton out to private interest. #SaveScranton #GaryForMayor

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