Why Did You Move To Scranton?

When I moved to Scranton, the first thing I was asked is, “why Scranton?” It was asked as if there could be no conceivable reason to move to Scranton. Coming from NYC, I can confidently say that Scranton is a great place! Please do not misunderstand me. When I say Scranton is a great place, I am only talking about the Scranton people. The City is in disrepair and falling apart. The Scranton people on the other hand are a warm, friendly, personable people. There is rarely a chance when you do not encounter a Scrantonian who is unwilling to help or give some advice. I remember one time I was at the Steam Mall to buy some household products. I made it to the cashier and handed over my debit card only to be told that my debit card wasn’t endorsed. Despite having other ID on me, the cashier was insistent that my card needed to be endorsed to be used. This sweet lady behind me quickly offered to pay for what I wanted to purchase without a second thought. I was overwhelmed by this generosity that is almost never seen in the big city where I am from. Why wouldn’t I want to be in a city filled with people like this?

What they really mean?

I believe that there is a secret meaning behind people asking me, “Why did you move to Scranton out of all places?” They are not saying this because of the Scranton people. This sentiment is entirely due to the Scranton Government. I haven’t met one person in this entire city that has anything good to say about the government. The locals are in complete agreement that the people of Scranton are great but the Scranton government is corrupt. In fact, someone went so far as to tell me that Scranton is the most corrupt place in America. It is for this reason that the dream for most people in Scranton is to leave Scranton.

Dream Deferred

Why leave Scranton instead of developing Scranton into the great city that we know it can be? The Scranton people can make this city great again because the Scranton people are already great. The only think standing in our way is a government that no one likes or respects. All the local businesses owners despise the outrageous taxes and fees. The locals complain daily about there being no jobs and no business opportunities. Blocks are filled with ran down blighted homes. And home values are plummeting. No one wants to invest in this city because no one wants to partner up with a corrupt government. It would be like going into a marriage when you know your spouse is going to be unfaithful. The Scranton Government is not broke because it has no money. It is going broke because the officials in government can’t get enough money to put in their pockets. The entire city is run like a giant personal bank for government officials. The other day, I spoke to a local Scrantonian who worked in the bank and he told me personally that he saw how outrageous government accounts are. They were completely imbalanced and it left him in utter shock. Scranton will be a place teeming with Arts, Entertainment, and Creativity. All the elements are here. The only reason we do not have this is because the Scranton government wants to steal the tax dollars of the good people of Scranton and put it in their own wallets. Therefore, I say stand against the Scranton government and stand by the Scranton people. We will make Scranton great again together!

Gary St. Fleur