How many Jobs Do You Have?

It appears that I rarely have a chance to encounter a Scrantonian who is not working more than one job to make ends meet. It is mind blowing considering that it is a rarity in most places in America. The common complaint is that there are NO JOBS in Scranton. This is strange when you consider that there were 211,000 new jobs created in November. And the Federal Reserve believes the economy is strong enough to being raising interest rates. With these indications of economic strength all over America, why are there no jobs in Scranton?

Hording the Wealth

The amount of money in the city is not being circulating in the city. Instead, most of it goes to the government and government employees. While they get to have good salaries and amazing benefits, the average Scrantonian has to scrape by to make a basic living. To make things worse, the Scranton government expects the Scranton people to pay higher fees, higher taxes and more expenses so that government workers can have more. Now, I am not anti-government employee, but how is this fair? Housing prices are plummeting all over the city, homes are falling apart, businesses are closing one after another, and the Scranton government raises taxes in these conditions? They have even gone so far as to attempt to sell public utilities to line their pockets.

What Happened To Fairness?

It is not unreasonable for the average person to expect a decent job with a decent wage. This is the American way. It is not extreme to be able to want to work reasonable hours and come home to your family. Why does the Scranton government get to have these things while the rest of us do not? I say we should have fairness. Scrantonians should not have to suffer while government employee wages get higher. Let the Scranton people have a chance to enjoy the stronger economy that is already here and showing signs of life all over America. The Scranton government seems to have a policy that the mistakes of the government should fall on the Scranton people, that the Scranton people should bear the bulk of the financial mismanagement by the Scranton government. How is that fair? What did the Scranton people do to underfund the pensions, mismanagement the city and turn away businesses? The Scranton people did not decide to give these government employees sky high retirement plans. In fact, many of the people who vote in Scranton elections are the unions and their family members. If anyone should bear the brunt of these outrageous contracts it should be the government and government employees. They keep saying that they were made promises, but what about the promise they all made to the constitution and the Scranton people? We were promised government that would govern with the intent of providing liberty and justice for all. There is no justice in the Scranton government hording all the wealth for their employee’s and employee’s families. It is un-American and goes against the charity Scrantonian exhibit regularly. #Savescranton #Scranton

What Can Scranton Become?

Scranton can be a city on a shining hill. It can be the stuff dreams are made of. The people only need to do one thing in order to bring this to pass. Before I say what that is, let me tell you a little about what the future of Scranton will be once the people do this little thing that they all can do.


Scranton can be a model for other cities. The Scranton people long for change and it is this longing that will fuel the inspiration to do better. We have countless of people here begging for work. They are not lazy! It is usually a problem of people not wanting to work when there is work available, but this is not a problem in Scranton. I met a young woman recently who was working a part time job in addition to working a full-time job to make sure her family had everything they wanted. I met another young lady who worked three part-time jobs to make ends meet. The people of Scranton are a hard working people. It is for this reason that any company would be lucky to employ a Scrantonian. Many people would have balked at the suggestion of working these tiring hours, but not Scrantonians. A friend of mine comes diligently to the local bar to fetch a beer then to go off to bed to wake up and work again. This sort of work ethic abounds in Scranton. In NYC, where I am from, you will find countless people who are content without working hard. Many jobs there are the sort where you can sit around and do nothing all day. I have met countless Scrantonians who dutifully maintain multiple jobs, sometimes to the early hours of the night. And somehow, they are not downtrodden or dejected, but are still able to keep a smile and go on.


Now, imagine Scranton where jobs abound. Imagine a Scranton where businesses fall over one another to open up here. The streets are paved and the sidewalks bristling. The gifts of technology are scarcely utilized in many cities but Scranton can be the first to utilize them all! Solar powered lamp post with LED lights, new homes that were made with 3D printers (yes the technology exist!), Drones that deliver you groceries to you, Markets, Museums, cafes, hotels and restaurants. The students in the surrounding regions will no longer need to fret about their job prospects. They will already have internships while they attend school and after they graduate a job will be insured. Those without a college degree need not worry because there are currently 3 million high skill jobs that need to be filled that do not require a college degree. There are programming boot camps that will teach you to program without charging you a cent! They will only charge you after you have graduating and obtain a job with the avg programming job paying between 70-90k. All of these sorts of things will be in Scranton.

The Secret

Now, I have told you what Scranton will be if the people of Scranton just do one thing. What is the one thing? The People of Scranton only need to believe. Yes, that is right. The people of Scranton must believe these things are achievable and they will be. When I was in Brooklyn, I saw firsthand how the entire place transformed once the people of Brooklyn believed. The attitude was “yes we can” and now Brooklyn rivals Manhattan. I say we can do one better. There was a time when Scranton was almost as great of a city as NYC. I say we can do one better. We will make Scranton better than NYC. All we need to do is believe. #Savescranton

Gary St. Fleur