Save Scranton Podcast city council edition



1st Speaker

“This doesn’t open our eyes, I don’t know what will. Listen to what people have to say, this isn’t something that just started yesterday. This has been going on for decades. When people elect the people with the same mindset and there is no innovative thinking… no one has the interest of the people, only special interest. It’s hard to believe we’re going to turn this community around. It is hard for me to have any enthusiasm for 2016. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. It is time that we step up, we straighten up, I agree with Gauguin and Mr. Courtight’s budget he should…


2nd Speaker

“The budget that the city want to propose is…I hear zero how we going to make cuts. All I hear how we going to do this, do that, how we are going to tax people, how we are going to lease this. I didn’t hear one positive thing about how we are going to cut. I didn’t hear single thing that said this is going to be a positive approach we’re going to do a forensic audit and find out once and for all where the heck we stand. Basic economics. Remember When you look at things as a past banker, we look at things a lot differently, you wanna get someone’s money in the cheapest rate you wanna pay on your interest and then you charge a much higher rate to make money. I haven’t heard anyone say how we’re going to bring in money to revenue for this city. Not one thing. We can’t allow this budget as written to pass. You need to veto it…you need to take it apart…we went from 70-80 million to 130 million and we lost people, we lost businesses, we have empty buildings….we are building something radically wrong. We are punishing people for coming here; we are punishing people who live here; we are punishing people who have lived in their homes 30-40 years because we mismanaged… you mean to tell me we need…to tell us what’s wrong with the fire department buildings? Let’s be realistic, you have zoning officers, you have building inspectors, why aren’t you doing this internally instead of the money we are paying people? Those are budget cuts. You’re paying this consultant, that consultant… I say eliminate the business administrator and let the university of Scranton be in charge of business administration in the city and lower taxes. Let’s say 90,000 dollars, we start with the pennies and then we get to the dollars…We know the suckers In the city are going to keep coming to work…you blew it.. you pay for past stupidity , ignorant and fiscal irresponsible people. We continue to pay and pay for that stupidity. WE got to end and end it now. WE can play with this wish list budget that has more holes than Swiss cheese….you want Scranton to survive you and this town to grow you don’t let a mall that is worth 25 million dollars get accessed for 3 million dollars and screw the people who are getting thrown out of their homes for taxes.. Charging numerous legal fees, garbage fees… What do you think is going to happen the day you lease the sewer authority? Do all the employees go with it?….they are a business; they are in it to make money. Keep that in mind. You don’t have to sell an asset when leasing it is as good as the same and management intelligently to make a profit… These are the things you need to look at the budget. You need to make a budget with cuts. You have to take the hard approach and you have to make this budget fiscally responsible, not irresponsible- not a wish list… make everyone pay, file a lien for a fee and everyone in the city including the university of Scranton that 25 million to collect taxes can pay your taxes. Pay attention to the word budget!”