Gary St. Fleur Still In The Running For Mayor of Scranton

Press release:

For Immediate Release

Sept 15, 2017

Getting off the ballot has left Mayoral Candidate Gary St. Fleur undeterred who seeks to run a sticker write-in campaign for Nov 7’s Scranton Mayoral election. The stickers will be distributed to voters who will affix them in the write-in section of the voter cards where voters can write in anyone they choose. “Courts will not determine who the Mayor of Scranton is; The people will,” says Mr. St. Fleur

Meanwhile, Mr. St Fleur will continue campaign activities which includes rallies, distributing campaign material and meeting voters. Mr. St Fleur is running on a platform to cut spending. He believes that Scranton’s taxes are far too high and needs to be lowered across the board. One of the main points of Mr. St Fleur’s campaign goals is that the city needs to file bankruptcy. In addition, the city needs to reorganize in order  to move toward a pro growth policy to promote prosperity for all. “The good people of Scranton keeping more of their money will create the boost in the economy that this city desperately needs!” says Mr. St. Fleur

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