Mayor Courtright Fine With Raising Real Estate Taxes Sky High!!!!!

Local news station WBRE reported on the recent devastating lost against the Scranton government regarding the Act 511 tax case(more here). In this report, the current Scranton Mayor stated boldly his intention to continue raising taxes on Scranton Tax payers(here). He says:

“The plaintiffs are saying that they’re trying to look out for the taxpayers. I think they’re doing the opposite. What do they think is going to happen if they were victorious? All they would see was sky high real estate taxes!”


Notice that he does not ever mentioning making any cuts to his salary (70k), business administrator salary (90k) or the numerous other government employees. There are tales of police and firemen making six figures in this city and yet the Scranton people have to continue to pay life and limb to support this bankrupt government!?

Furthermore, The Scranton mayor has proven without a shadow of doubt that he does not have the competence to manage the city. If his plan for “recovery” includes illegally taxing people than he is by definition incompetent and unfit to lead the Scranton people. Move on!

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