What is the hold up!?

Is there any reason why Judge Gibbons has yet to announce his decision regarding the Act 511 Scranton tax case? I know I was warned about how Scranton is but this is just ridiculous.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that the city’s argument regarding its ability to determine its own tax policy due to its home charter is invalid.  For those of you who are unaware of the situation, we have brought a lawsuit against the city claiming that its taxes are excessively high to the point of being illegal. According to Act 511, the state law places a cap on the amount of taxes that can be collected on the local level. The cap is based on the property value of the entire municipality multiplied by 12 mills. Mills are 1 of thousand. The cap is roughly $28 million and Scranton has passed this cap for the pass five years!!


What more does judge Gibbons have to determine! The case is already over and the people of Scranton have won!!!! I am going to confer with my legal team to see if there are any legal remedies that can be conducted to expedite this process. The case is already over! The city of Scranton HAS NO MONEY!! TO THE POINT THAT IT MUST ILLEGAL COLLECT TAXES!! It is high time the city faces the music,. Bankruptcy is the only option!!! #savescranton #garyformayor


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