Scranton and Dunmore United!

The Face book page Scranton and Dunmore United does a great job of keeping track of the great Scranton Sewer Authority sale debacle.  The page details why the Scranton Sewer Authority sale is marred with questionable practices and dealings. The page routinely calls for the deal to be investigated by the FBI and that Mayor Courtright needs to step down. For anyone who follows this blog, we are in complete agreement with this.

In fact, I, Gary St. Fleur, will use my campaign for mayor to include a call for Scranton to be investigated for corruption. This city is a cesspool and it has become so common place that people have resigned to it. Everyone knows that there is an entrenched ol boy’s network that reinforces nepotism and shady dealings. I guarantee that once I am in office I will ensure that those who are corrupt in the Scranton government will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The pillaging of this city has gone far enough! #savescranton #garyformayor

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