Scranton’s Sewer Authority Deal Needs To Be Investigated by FBI

I have said for over a year that the city of Scranton needs to be investigated by the FBI. The Scranton Sewer Authority is a great example of why this needs to be the case. The city’s sale of the sewer authority was unnecessary. It doesn’t do anything to the city’s financial positions but prolongs the inevitable. To make matters worse, the deal is filled with questionable dealings. Here is a list:

  • The final price of the sale has been in debate
  • The law firm that worked on the sale also donated to the current Mayor’s Campaign
  • The former city solicitor who represented in the government in the sale of the authority went on to obtain a raise and work for the sewer authority
  • The amount of money paid to lawyers to advise the sale is still being debated
  • Proceeds will most likely go to the pension fund that have been underfunded or schemed for years


It is obvious that the sale of the sewer authority was an opportunity to pad the pockets of friends. Sadly, this is the common dealings in places like Scranton where everything that seems to have some ulterior motive. The city is $1 billion dollars in debt and continues to pretend that everything is fine. The city is filled with joblessness, blighted homes, falling home values and failing businesses but there is absolutely no word from city hall besides claiming that things that are getting better. Do the people of Scranton agree with this!? Anyone who spends anytime in this city will know firsthand that this city is in ruins and the plan form any residents is to leave as soon as possible. #Savescranton #garyformayor

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