Response From Comment Section Regarding Scranton Taxation

In response to: “Scranton Government Believes It Can Raise Taxes As High As It Wants”

“Scranton has 18 fire captain salaries being paid. That’s at least 16 people who should no longer be… How about the people on disability who are working under the table? Folks, it’s a simple solution. Dissolve public safety and education. Let kids all go to (pr private school) until the teacher’s union comes back to reality. Winterize the schools. Volunteer fire dept, and start armed residential patrols. Close down the projects and end welfare.

If someone was stealing from me and bullying me in the fashion that the city bullies its constituents, I would stop them violently. The leadership of this city and its public safety and education unions are bullying the city residents. Isn’t it time to violently take the city back from the corrupt?

If it were no longer safe to govern in the fashion the city is governing against it’s constituents, I believe something would change. Unless this happens, nothing will change. One way or another, some Families need to be removed from the region. They’ve taken enough.”

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