What the People of Scranton need

The people of Scranton are not in need of any clever schemes or get rich quick tactics. The issue confronting Scranton is one of the failures of government to behave effectively. It is akin to the issue with third world countries that are given billions in aide only for this aide to be pillaged by their own governments. Scranton is the same story. Thus, the people of Scranton must consider that their greatest strength is one another.

Each other

There is no greater force in this world than the collective force of the people. I tell people all the time that I would rather have one million people than one million dollars. The most precious resource in Scranton is the people of Scranton. They just need to believe in one another and produce the fruits that are in accordance with this faith. I, for one, know that the Scranton people will do the right thing if given the opportunity. This is why I do not have any doubts regarding what will be the future of Scranton. The people of Scranton are longing for an opportunity. This election is that opportunity. We can demonstrate the power of our collective resolve. This election is not a matter of politics. It reaches the very essence of the human experience: light vs darkness, good vs. evil, the corrupt vs the pure. Truth will always ultimately prevail and the truth will set the Scranton people free Believe it! #Savescranton.


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