The Truth About Scranton

Scranton used to be a thriving hub. It was the center of the northeastern coal mining industry. Wealth and prosperity surrounded the area. This was until the coal mining industry collapsed and jobs went along with it. Suddenly, people began moving out of Scranton in droves. The population has shrunk by over 50%. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if that was the end of the story.

The Power Vacuum

The lack of economic opportunity created a power vacuum when the more prosperous Scrantonians left the city. Since there was no industry in the area, the government and associated confederates doubled down in securing their mutual interest. This is something that all organizations go through; survival becomes paramount. The Scranton government used employment contracts to create a strong voter base. These contracts were never viable in the first place, but no one would be any wiser for the next thirty years. Also, it must have been reasoned that any mistakes could be rectified in the interim. We all know what happened. For a quarter of a century Scranton has been in distressed status with the result being towering deficits, crumbling infrastructure, rampant joblessness, poverty and drugs usage.

Every man for themselves

The competing interest of this society has created a situation where everyone is looking out for themselves. Of course, this creates a situation where everyone fails. The city wants to make a change. This change will never happen while the entrenched corruption and ol’boys network remain. The truth about Scranton is that the Scranton government needs a serious purge. #Savescranton

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