Our greatest achievement will be what we leave behind after we are long gone. It is entirely our responsibility what sort of city, state, country or world we leave to our children and loved ones. Try as we may, we cannot shirk our responsibilities. We cannot blame anyone. It is our collective actions that shape the world we have.

What world will we leave behind?

I often think about the next generation because I wonder what sort of world they will inherit. As a millennial, I am very cognizant of the world my generation inherited. We were given a world we with a collapsing economy, underfunded pensions, terrorism, rampant pollution, and unresponsive government. Now, I am not here to play the blame game and point the finger. Instead, I want to be honest about the issues we face today and what it will mean for our children and grandchildren. I already have made the decision that the problems that we currently face will stop with my generation. I will not allow the next generation to face the problems that we millennials have faced. This is primarily my motivation behind going into office. I want society to reflect the values that we deeply share. I want government to be functional and responsive to the demands of the people instead of an obstacle. As our society becomes increasingly impoverished with the rich getting richer, I find that the government has become another means for people to benefit themselves at the expense of others. No more. For those of us with breath still in our lungs, let our legacy be of truth, accountability and bold courage. Let’s carve a new vision for our society so that it can be as great as we know we are capable of making it. #Savescranton


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