Cause and Effect

Every cause has an effect. I am sure everyone has heard that saying before, but how true is it? Well, the city of Scranton is dotted with pothole,  condemn homes, boarded up businesses, drugs and poverty. If we are paying attention, these are the effects. What are the causes?

Scranton Government Incompetence

If we are being honest, can we say with any real conviction that the city of Scranton has been lead by competent people? We have illustrious examples of leadership in the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Elon Musk. Nothing that is exhibited in Scranton holds a candle to such stalwarts of leadership. Why? The sole reason is lack of leadership. The politicians in Scranton do not lead. They pander. They make decisions that benefit the few in this city at the expense of the whole. There is a complete lack of vision and integrity. I was told when I first stepped foot into this city that it was the most corrupt city in America. The ol boys network is said to be in charge in this area. Well, behold their handy work! Are you pleased? Are you happy with what they have done with this city? They are the cause and the blight, poverty, drugs, joblessness, sky high taxes of this city is the effect. Ask students who populate this area what they think about Scranton. Ask them what they feel about the future of Scranton. What is their answer? My Answer- We will give them a Scranton to be proud of. We will give them a Scranton that will inspire them. We will chart a bold new course to the future by doing what is right and upholding the truth! Let us be the new Cause for such an Effect. #Savescranton

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