It Only Takes A Few

The civil rights movement completely changed the course of history within this country. At a time when tensions were high and rights being impeded, a revolution erupted that forced a reckoning within this nation. What was the secret of the stalwart leaders of the civil rights movement? Was it money? Crowds? Resources? The truth is it was none of those things.

Six people in a basement

The civil rights movement began with six people in a basement who decided enough was enough. They were tired of the unfair treatment of the African Americans in the south. Word spreads far and wide that something must be done. By the time Rosa Parks decided to refuse to be moved from her seat, thousands of supporters were ready to boycott the public buses. Can you imagine such a thing? The power of the human spirit is nothing to scoff act. When people are united toward a singular goal, I am convinced nothing can stop them from reaching their goal. History has proven time and time again how a small band of dedicated people can overtake the strength of whole armies. Entire countries have been conquered by the power and conviction of a few!

How much will it take to change Scranton?

I have no doubt that Scranton can change for the better. The people of Scranton are not blind to the many injustices that transpire in this city. They know about the nepotism and corruption. They are just waiting for the opportunity to do something about it. Behold, the opportunity has arrived! #savescranton

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