What is Strength?

Strength is usually associated with bulging muscles or overwhelming power. That is one view of strength. But there is another view of strength that is just as relevant. Strength is not only the ability to exert force; it is also the ability to withstand a great deal.


What made the movie “Rocky” so amazing? It really boils down to the epic tale of a guy who refused to quit, who refused to go down. Sylvester Stallone said he was inspired to write the film after watching a boxing match where one boxer kept fighting despite getting pummeled. It is this resilience that is the source of real strength. This is the sort of strength that comes to the fore when there is no thought of giving up. When the stakes are simply too high, you can’t give up. I believe that the people good people of Scranton are an example of Strength. Despite the disastrous policies that have failed this city, they have remained. They have weathered the storm and are still standing- Standing long enough for the opportunity to strike back. Can you see it? Can you believe it? An opportunity to finally take city of Scranton and put it in the hands of the people, we have it with this election. We have the amazing chance to finally end the corruption that has ravished this city. That it can never be said that Scranton is synonymous with corruption. Let us end the corruption together with our shared Strength. #Savescranton


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