The Genius OF Hard Work

It is a misconception to believe that natural talent is all it takes to succeed. According to research, those who are born gifted often do not amount to much of anything. This may seem puzzling but there is a good reason why this happens.

10,000 hours

According to “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, when you look at extremely talented people what they have in common is not that they were born talented. What they have in common is 10,000 hours of practice. Yes, whether it is the Beetles, Bill Gates, or a Violin virtuoso, all of these people spent at least 10,000 hours perfecting their skills. The best violinists are those who practice more. Those who succeed are usually those who do not quit. This is the real genius. It is the genius of hard work, The genius of grit and determination. Everyone who has ever done anything amazing first had to believe in a vision of their success. They had to believe in it so much that they were willing to practice when there was no clearing in sight. When the beetles first performed, they did so in empty beer halls. This did not deter them. When bill gates first touched a computer, the notion of personal computers didn’t even exist. And Walt Disney didn’t see a swamp when he went to Florida, he saw Disney Land. Believe in your vision enough to dedicate everything you have to it. 10,000 hours later, you will realize your dream. #Savescranton.

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