Vote On Principle

Politics have become such a distasteful thing because we have forgotten one key ingredient that matters the most- principle.

Vote Your Conscience

It is truly a sad thing for politics to be devoid of morality and conscience. At the core, we all want what is best for our families, neighbors and society. This should be the guiding rule that determines our votes. The notion that politics has become a means to exploit the goodwill of the people is a horrendous thing. Something that needs to be rectified! When I canvass, I tell people that I do not ask for their vote. What I ask for is for them to do is make the vote they can live with. The vote they believe in.  They should do what sits well with them, their conscience and their God. My campaign is one of truth. I endeavor to do nothing more than to speak truth to power. I have heard the cries of the Scranton people and my answer is that Truth prevails. We no longer need to tolerate the “ol’ boys network”. We will not accept the despoiling of our children future- because that  is what is happening. It is clear to everyone what is going on in this city. Those who profit from cozy relationships with city hall do well, but what about the people? No! The people must toil and are bled for every coin in their pockets. No more! This is not about politics! This is about morality. Right and wrong. Truth and Lies. Light and Darkness. With this, I ask only that the people of Scranton vote their conscience and put an end to the evil status quo that has ruined this city! And I will in turn dismantle the political machine that has fail this city once and for all. Save Scranton! #Savescranton

One thought on “Vote On Principle

  1. Hey if u need anything I’m behind you 100 percent..I seen u emailed me if I was busy one weekend I barely check my email. I been living in Scranton since 2007 and this town needs more people like you. I also support Giovanni Piccolino as I’m registered Republican and u can see that they got him right off the ballet. Right now the tax collector becoming the mayor has done nothing but make things worse… Ty sir

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