The Truth About Power

It appears that there are those in Scranton who do not understand the nature of power. What is power? Is it money? Is it the ability to hire a goon? The good people of Scranton are power! How? Listen very carefully:

Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement changed America with ever lasting effects. The country would never be the same. The passions that were ignited shook the halls of Washington. Debates were had. Legislation was sign. And the legacy of that movement was a testament to the power of the people. How did it start? The civil rights movement started with 6 people in a church basement. Yes, a movement that completely altered the course of history started with 6 people conversing in a basement. At that point, it grew in leaps and bounds. When Rosa Parks sat, thousands stood up ready to confront injustice. Yes! Humanity has a natural reaction to injustice. There is no society, no matter how undeveloped, that doesn’t have a strong reaction to injustice. We are asked why we call Save Scranton a movement. We are asked what do we seek to achieve. We are those who believe what is happening in Scranton is unjust! People should not have to make a decision between buying medicine or paying their property taxes. It is unjust to put the entire weight of the local government financial problems on the backs of the good people of Scranton. The people cry relief. City hall remains silent. We will not. #Savescranton

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