In High Tide All The Ships Rise

Prosperity is not only for the few. We can all enjoy the fruits of prosperity. The truth is Scranton is a fertile crescent. It has all the makings of a premier first class city. It is surrounding by 50,000 young people who come to this area to go to school. It sits upon five major highways where 90 million Americans are only two hours away. It has the perfect combination of city life and small town sensibilities. The city has everything going for it, except one thing.

The Status Quo

Repeat after me, “the status quo gots to go!” The city is in the hands of a corrupt political machine that is hellbent in only serving itself. Is there any reason why competition is not encouraged in this city. They say there is a shrinking pie, build a whole new pie! If people can build cities in the desert in the middle of nowhere, surely Scranton can turn around. But in order for it to do so, the parasitic tendencies of the ol boys network must be put to an end. My campaign is the opposition. It is a clear contrast between us and them. We the people of Scranton have suffered long and it is obvious who those are that have benefited from the suffering of the good Scranton people. No more! Let us courageously lay bear the truth unvarnished. Let us go forth this election season and send a clear message! Prosperity shouldn’t be for the few because in high tide all the ships rise! #Savescranton

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