It Begins With You

The fundamental truth concerning change is that it begins with you. It always begins with you.And the mightiest force in the world is an organized group of people. I want to tell the good people of Scranton that my bid for Mayor is not about me.  This is not my campaign. This is your campaign. This is the campaign for everyone who has witness the corruption laying siege to this city. This campaign is for everyone who wants a better life for themselves and their loved ones. If we are being honest, we must admit that this city is falling apart. The city is riddled with boarded up homes and property values are plummeting. But there is hope!

You Are The Hope

The people of Scranton can change this city. The good people of Scranton are Scranton. There would be no city if it were not for the people of Scranton. The good people of Scranton have kept this city alive with their sheer grit and determination. Now, it is time to call upon them to turn the page on shady dealings of city hall. This city will strive again! I call upon the Scranton people to recognize the power that lies within them when unified and collectively focused on a singular goal. That goal is nothing short than the complete salvation of this city! We will say no more to the nepotism and ol boys network. We will say Yes to progress, innovation and creativity. The people have already spoken; now we must act! #Savescranton

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