The Scranton Government’s Incompetence Will Cost Tax Payers $500,000 for starters

The Scranton Government Incompetence Will Cost Tax Payers $500,000

Poor planning on the part of the Can’t-right(Courtright) administration will result in already overtaxed Scrantonians footing a $500,000 bill for clean up. There is truly no substitute for planning and preparation.


The definition of competence is to be qualified to perform a task. Now, in the real world, all performance is measured by a metric to ensure that standards are maintained. If we are being honest, Mayor Can’t-right completely dropped the ball in this fiasco. In all my years of life, I have never seen such poor preparation for a snow storm. New York City has 8 million people and 302 square miles; nevertheless, the sanitation department of NYC has painstakingly managed to keep the roads clear of debris. Do you know why? Three Trillion dollars passed through New York City everyday and countless people pour into the city from the tri-state area to work. There would literally be hell to pay if the roads were now clear. Now, I do not care that Scranton is a smaller place. I do not care if less money pours into Scranton. When it comes to performance, we always ought to do our best- Especially, when it comes to serving the public good. The Scranton people should not have to accept subpar performance or best efforts. They pay for services to be provided. They should have the best! They work hard enough and have done their share. The least the government of Scranton can do is provide the essential services that are a part of its mandate. Any excuse unacceptable. No one pays for lack of performance or failure. Scranton new motto for the government should be perform or step down and let someone else do the job!

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