Local Scrantonian Comments on The City’s Failure to Plow Roads and Why Scrantonians Are Awesome!

A commentary from a local Scrantonian regarding the city’s conditions and a example of just how awesome the Scranton people are:

At 4:30 this morning I had to drive my husband to the airport. 81 was in good shape. We had to shovel our  van out of the huge snow drifts yesterday because the city didn’t plow our streets.  Thank God for our neighbors who have snowplows or we’d all still be snowed in.
Since I was out already this morning I stopped by Walmart at 5am for some much needed  groceries. Dickson City was cleaning up their roads, they were in great condition. How come Scranton looks like ****?
Coming home I was unable to get up the hill on Marvine Ave. The snow was so high and the ruts were so deep I just slid  into a snow bank.
I called for a tow truck at 6:45 and was told they can’t come out today. WHAT?  I’m 69 years old, but there I was digging my van out of the snow. Several people stopped to help but we kept sliding and getting in deeper.
A city plow did come by but only “looked” as he passed. The mayor should be ashamed of himself for this poor planning. I bet his neighborhood was plowed. After several hours of shoveling and pushing I finally managed to get onto N. Main Ave and then get home. I was on the hill from 6:40 a.m. until 9:15 a.m. Glad to see my tax dollars are at work in Scranton. Can’t wait til next election day. We’ll show that mayor how to really clean up this city.
I do want to thank everyone  who stopped  to help me shovel snow and dig out. It was dangerous on that hill but several people took the time even though they were on their way to work.
It’s been 3 days and Scranton still looks like a ski slope. Not to worry though, Spring is almost here and that snow will melt. Let’s see what this mayor does about the flooding then.

Two things are noticeably obvious about this commentary: 1. The city has completely and utterly dropped the ball. 2. The Scranton people will rally to each other side in times of need.

Why do we need the Scranton government when we have each other?


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