Asking City Officials To Do Their Job Is Not Asking Too Much!

It is strange when we think about it. The City Officials are paid to perform a task. Scranton pays taxes in excess of the state and federal level so it shouldn’t be unreasonable to expect some bang for their buck. The City of Scranton is filled with potholes, blighted houses, boarded up businesses and vacant lots. All the City Officials can do is make excuses. It is obvious they cannot do the job, why not let someone else do it then!? Getting a pay check at the expense of the People of Scranton is so important that the entire city should crumble for the personal gain of a few. Is it asking too much to expect competence from elected officials? The Scranton government has sold off all the public assets, raised taxes and fees, and still manages to fail to provide essential services.

Look at a picture from Green Ridge

Again, I ask is it unreasonable to expect our city officials to do their jobs? The Scranton people pay more than enough to at least have plowed roads. The Scranton government has money to pay lawyers  millions but doesn’t have the resources to plow roads(here). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The excuses are enough. The Scranton people deserve performance. They deserve a government that will get the job done. They shouldn’t have to wait on the government’s time. It should be the other way around.

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