New Campaign Website Launched

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of my new campaign website. This campaign theme is the “Power of Us”. I want to thoroughly emphasize what can be accomplished when you have a united Scranton. I am grateful to all of those who have supported me until now. It is to those and those like them that I give the following message – I have been told that nothing will ever change in Scranton. Hearing this did not give me the impression that Scranton was a lost cause. On the contrary, those words echoed within me and press upon me that Scranton is worthwhile. Yes! The Scranton people do not deserve what has transpired in this city. No one deserves to be taken advantage. We should doubly be offended at the notion of the poor and aged being preyed upon. This happens in this city as we all know too well. I find it difficult to not recall those words memorialized in our own Declaration of Independence. The founders said they put forth their lives, fortune and sacred honor to defend the things those precious principles they hold dear. I view the Scranton people as endearing. I believe that they are worth my life, fortune and honor. It is for this reason that I have declared the status quo and ol boys network my enemy. I will not rest until their entire scheme and network is torn apart. I declare that the bankruptcy that will take place in this city will open the floodgates for much needed scrutiny. I promise that I will make this campaign a national one. The entire country will see how corrupt the Scranton government is. And when they see this, they will see the group of courageous citizens who were willing to stand up against it! Thank you and God Bless!

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