Mayoral Candidate Giovanni Piccolino Targeted For Being Anti-Establishment

Recently, Republican Mayoral Candidate Giovanni Piccolino received a notice calling into question his petition signatures. One would think that in America the democratic process would be respected as a trusted and honored institution. Not in Scranton!

Scranton’s Ol Boys Network Show Their Ugly Face

This obvious attempt discredit the budding politician is a clear case of the Status Quo attempting to protect itself. Mr. Piccolino is an outspoken critic of the University of Scranton, believing that its non-profit status should be reexamined. This would put the university’s many downtown properties up for taxation. In Scranton, anything that goes against the status quo is largely demonized. Why? Because it will interfere with the entrenched status quo that has this city in its griped. The status quo, good ol boys network, or as I like to call them “the confederate of dunces”, have managed to complete ruin this city. The streets are filled with potholes, businesses close down regularly, and most young people in the city want to leave at the first opportunity. All this with a large aging population, so it is safe to say that the city is quite literally dying. As long as a politician doesn’t speak for the real need for change in this city, he will have institutional support. It is great to see that the Scranton power brokers have no qualms with openly showing their hands. This should be cause for all of Scranton to be very upset. On top of raising taxes, destroying home values and employment prospects, in Scranton democracy is corrupted in plain sight. Disgusting!!!!



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