The Power Of Us

I have heard the complaints and they have reached into the core of my being. It is for this reason I decided to run for Mayor of Scranton. I was told that Scranton is the most corrupt place in America. I was told that the city only operates for the politically connected. This is our opportunity to change this! Our campaign is an opportunity to turn a page and turn over a new leaf once and for all!

Join Us

Join this campaign to send a message to city hall once and for all. If you are angry with the continued pillaging of the Scranton people then join our campaign. If you are frustrated with the anemic economic environment of this area, Join us!  We will put an end to the shady dealings of city hall. No more nepotism, back door deals and unfairness. Scranton belongs to the people of Scranton and now we will make sure of this. I am counting on all Scrantonians to help anyway they can. I am fully aware of how many Scrantonians long for relief. They would have run for office for themselves but they know the cost. I will bear that cost! I will deliver victor and triumph to the Scranton people once and for all. We will show the establishment what the multitudes can do! We will demonstrate the world what the power of a united Scranton can unleash. They will behold the POWER OF US!

Gary St. Fleur

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