Scrantionians Be Hopeful!

Scrantonians often tell me that they believe things will never get better in Scranton. They are fully aware of the corrupt establishment in place and how it takes advantage of the Scranton people. This creates a generally feeling of hopelessness; that things will remain the same. This is the very thing has inspired me to run for office. Here is why..

Inspiration and Hope

There is no reason why anyone in the richest country on the planet should not feel inspired and motivated to follow their dreams. The resources are there. The talent is there. Why should anyone in Scranton believe that there situation is hopeless? I understand that the politics of this area is shady. This is why we need to change the politics of this area! We need dramatic  action and the towering force of truth to lay waste to the ol boys network. It is the truth that can break the tides of any dark current. We as Scrantonians must face the reality that something is fundamentally wrong with our local government and nothing will change unless we change it. This is why I implore all Scrantonians to join me in fighting the good fight. This is our chance to truly make a difference for the benefit of all Scrantonians. This is not about whom you are or what you do. This isn’t about whether you are Irish, Italian, Polish, Latino or Black. This is about unifying all Scrantonians and making Scranton prosperous for everyone in this city. So that the playing field is completely leveled and the days of nepotism, back door deals and corruption is over! God Bless! #Savescranton.

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