FOX56 Coverage of Save Scranton

SCRANTON (WOLF) — People who work in Scranton will have to keep paying the tripled Local Services Tax.

The city’s allowed to charge it as a distressed Act 47 municipality, but some think it’s unfair.

We have reaction to the judge’s ruling that came down yesterday.

About 30,000 people who work at businesses in scranton will have to pay $156 in a Local Services Tax for the year 2017.

I think the decision is welcomed by the city,” says city business administrator David Bulzoni. “It’s an integral part of the city budget.”

It’s set to bring in $5 million, in a budget that tops $100 million. This is the third year a judge had to rule on the LST. It must be renewed each year.

The group “Save Scranton” had sued on behalf of 8 workers.

“It wasn’t about the Local Services Tax in particular,” says Save Scranton founder Gary St. Fleur. “We just used that as an opportunity to bring forth the real issue, which is that taxation in Scranton is excessive across the board.”

For Save Scranton, the fight isn’t over. They plan to file another suit based on the same issue they argued in this one, saying the city is taxing above its cap unfairly.

“In his decision, he didn’t talk about the fact that we were wrong,” says St. Fleur, referring to the cap under Act 511.

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Keep in mind that the City’s Business Administrators, David Bulzoni, believes that the city is happy to pay the increased local services tax. This is a fine example of the complete and utter deafness of the Scranton government. In what world do they live where countless working class people welcome increased fees to work!? Despicable!! #SaveScranton

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