Comment Section on Times Tribune Article Regarding Mayor Courtright’s Attempted Dodge of Subpoena Revealing

The comment section was closed for the article discussing Mayor Courtright’s attempt to avoid subpoena served weeks ago. I didn’t get a chance to look at the comment section for the article until now, but it appears that there are people in Scranton who do not take too kindly to Mr.Courtrright’s tendency to dodge questions. The article presented the claim made by Courtright’s lawyer that asking him to answer for tax increases is harassment. I guess taxing the Scranton people to death is not harassment.

The comments!!!!

 “If you really want to get yourself ticked off. I challenge anyone. Put a call into the Mayor. Ask him a tough question when you see him on the street. (Which you won’t he’s hiding behind the bushes.) You’ll never get a straight answer, nor will he return your call. It’s difficult to get a new blue recycling can in this city. Let alone get a politician to represent us. He’s in it for him and his cronies. That’s it. Period!
How do we reward him for treating us with such contempt? … A free vehicle always with a full tank of course, cell phones, Glenn Summit cool water, nice pay check, insurance, vacation, good jobs for his friends and family, and a bunch of other good stuff we’ll never know about.
I say throw the bum out!
Will the congregation gave an Amen?”


“Special counsel? Let’s do a RTK request and see how much Abrahamsen has ”earned’ by the city and now Sewer Authority. We all know Conaboy raked in over a million already. This Mayor has to go. They’re all connected to the ‘Don’.”


“A better response to the lawsuit would be to provide the PROOF that the claim made by the residents is false.”

“Calling the subpoena’s ” vexatious” which legally ,means ”
an action or the bringer of an action that is brought without
sufficient grounds for winning, purely to cause annoyance to the

“If the city has “sufficient” proof that the excessive revenue from ACT 511 is perfectly legal, then just file that “sufficient proof” to the court.”

If the city has no proof, and it is hoping a local judge shuts the case down for no legal reason, then I feel the city is “vexatious” towards the plaintiffs.”


“I said it the other day, the city will win with a local judge , but on an appeal with an outside judge or at the state level, this lawsuit and subpoena will stand. Man up Mayor”


This is a great comment,
Does the City have the proof?
We will soon find out!
To those eight residents here is a well deserved “SALUTE”!”



An attorney came up with this pathetic excuse to avoid any questions being answered. We are dealing with a corrupt legal system here in Scranton. I’m not surprised by this article but where are the “FACTS”! Mr. Mayor you have failed the city with your effortless attempt to even remotely budget and cut spending, every time you raise taxes means your failing… you have failed the people! Put your big boy pants on and face the music and answer the questions!”


What do they have hide?
These subpoena’s are going too a can of worms.
The bottom line here is the Mayor and the Councilmen
will have to tell the truth.
AND THEN PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“The 9th degree black belt Mayor’s feelings will be hurt if he has to face an actual taxpayer. (Spoken in a wittle baby voice)
What a feckless whimp!
Just my two cents.”


“Courtright embarrasses himself well enough by his (in)actions; he doesn’t need the help of a subpoena.”

We gladly thank these Scrantonians for sharing their sentiments. It is very much appreciated!

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