National Finance Publication “The Bond Buyer” Covers Save Scranton

Municipal Bond market trading publication The Bond Buyer covers the Save Scranton case against the Scranton Government(here). The Bond Trading Publication is the leading news source for people and organizations for those working in the financial world. The publication was established 1891 and is headquartered in Manhattan, an umbrella organization of source media, a division Thompson financial. This is constitutes nation-wide coverage of our case   against Scranton the government. We assure you, this is just the beginning! #Savescranton


Scranton, Pa., Group Looks to Scuttle Local Tax Tripling

McGovern is representing the so-called Group of Eight, led by Gary St. Fleur, the founder of the Save Scranton political activist organization. St. Fleur, who led a local business boycott against the mercantile tax last year, accused city officials of exceeding the legal limit the last five years with a recent budget showing a $10 million overage.

Scranton, Taxpayer Group Await Ruling on Local Tax

“This has far less to do with the dollar amount and far more to do with the principle,” Gettel told reporters.


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