Save Scranton’s Response To Scranton’s Mayor Attempt To Run From Court

Scranton Mayor and city council show their true colors last Friday when they attempt to dodge the subpoenas served to them earlier in the week(here). The subpoenas served to the Mayor and City Council of the city of Scranton merely asked for them to give testimony regarding the increase of local services tax that they have decided to increase(here). It was their intention to increase the taxes of the Scranton people! Somehow, the Mayor and city council, claim that attempting to have them give testimony regarding their actions is “harassment” and “embarrasses” them.


Let’s be clear

The mayor of Scranton, as well as the city council, is claiming that to be held publicly accountable to answer for decisions he has made on behalf of the Scranton people is embarrassing. This is fundamentally an open admission that his policies are embarrassing because how else could it be considered harassment/embarrassment for him to give testimony regarding his own policies. He decided to become Mayor. He decided to sign off on these tax increases. Does he not have the decency to give account for his own actions like an adult? Are we dealing with children? He is acknowledging that his work is something that cannot withstand the test of critical scrutiny. He is admitting before a watching world that he is either incompetent or ignorant, doesn’t know what he is doing and making him explain himself will only result in his own embarrassment. This is what the people of Scranton have to contend with! This deplorable example of leadership is a disgrace. What is embarrassing is the fact that the Scranton people have to pay these public officials to run and hide when it comes time for them  to give an account. What is harassment is the crushing taxes that have been put on the shoulders of the Scranton people! What is harassment is the poverty that fills this city! If these so called elected officials had any integrity, they would step down and save themselves as well as the Scranton people anymore embarrassment. #SaveScranton

P.S Attend the Public hearing today, Monday, Feb 13 at 1:3opm at Lackwanna County Administrative Building (200 Adams ave). LET’S HOLD OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE

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