The Scranton Government Is Silent

The Scranton government has failed to answer the response filed against it last week on Monday. This is not surprising; After all, the Scranton government has little it can do but admit that it is guilty of excessively raising taxes. Silence has become the go to tactic for the Scranton government regarding its inability to deal fairly with the Scranton people.

Silence only gets you so far

It was only a matter of time before the Scranton government would have to face up to the reality that it has no money. All the last ditch efforts it has made to prolong to inevitable has only left Scranton poorer and in worse shape. We hear that lawyers have made millions of the Scranton deal but at the expense of the Scranton people paying higher bills. The bills and taxes keep on mounting in Scranton and complaints to the government are met with silence. This time the government cannot just remain silent. We are pursuing this case and going to make sure the Scranton government faces the music.

Taxes lowered

The local taxes will be lowered and the Scranton people will finally obtain the relief they have been calling for. But this is just the beginning. The people of Scranton will no longer tolerate the impunity of the Scranton government. The Scranton government should look forward to more suits and campaigns against it. Welcome to the new era of Scranton. The people will no longer accept the status quo! #Savescranton

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