Save Scranton On The Radio

Last Friday, Save Scranton’s Gary St. Fleur was on WILK radio with Steve Corbett. In the show, Gary proceeded to explain the merits of the recent case brought against the Scranton government concerning its local taxes(here). Gary stated  that the case will save the 32,000 people who work in Scranton $104 dollars. But of course, it doesn’t just stop there. The case has implications for the entire city and state.

For the City

The city of Scranton uses local taxes as one of its main revenue sources. If the case prevails against the Scranton government, they will have to reduce local taxes to be in bounds with the legal limit. The current budget is already over the proper cap by 10 million dollars. This means that the city will have to find 10 million dollars from somewhere. The reality of the situation is that the city has no room to tax the already impoverished residents of Scranton.

For the State

The case has implications for the entire state because it will establish a precedent that applies to all Pennsylvania cities and municipalities. Basically, any Pennsylvania citizen can bring a case against their local government if they find out that the local government is collecting local taxes beyond the legal limit. This will result in tax relief for many in Pennsylvania. It is about time we hold our governments accountable and let them face the music concerning their outrageous spending.

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