Is there anyone who doesn’t think Scranton isn’t Corrupt?

There is a notion that you do not need to sell someone on something that is already true. The idea that city of Scranton needs to sell people on the good things about Scranton does beg the question. Why do some people in Scranton think Scranton can get better with the corruption?

This is a serious question. The first thing I was told when I stepped foot into Scranton is that it was corrupt. In fact, I was told that it was the most corrupt place in America. I did not hear this from just one person mind you, I heard it from countless Scrantonians. In fact, I am hearing it until this very day. My question is that if Scranton is so corrupt, what are Scrantonians doing to fight the corruption? Think of opportunity for creative journalism there would be to publish stories on Scranton corruption. I already have put myself well in the map for reporting on Scranton. Can you believe it? I imagine that there are countless stories Scrantonians have that the world would love to hear. Thus, this is an open invitation to share any stories you like. I love exposing darkness and the misdeeds of the corrupt should not be protected by the shadows. Here is to the Light and the Truth and Saving Scranton.

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