Scranton’s Blight Problem

Scranton has a serious blight problem and the local government is ignoring it. Scranton home owners already have to tolerate a woefully inept local government. On top of this, they must contend with falling home prices because of blight.

Decaying Homes

Scranton is dotted with abandoned homes that should be demolished. The only problem is that the city will not do its job. I am sure that the city has money to give Courtright a raise but it doesn’t have the money to demolish blighted homes. This means that whole neighborhoods must suffer declining home prices because of the blight. Many home buyers will be scared off by the sight of abandoned homes. It doesn’t make the city look attractive and it doesn’t make communities look viable. The unresponsiveness of the of local government is downright criminal. You would think that there was no government the way Scranton functions. Since I moved to Scranton I have heard Scrantonians complain about the exact same thing and yet the government has done nothing to solve these issues. The leadership of the Scranton government is an offense to the very concept of democracy.  Scrantonians are better off with no government. Think of the many they could save if they didn’t have to pay taxes to a non-functioning government. I am certain if enough Scrantonian stop paying taxes the government would quickly learn to begin listening to the needs of the Scranton people.

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