Hope For Scranton

I do what I do because I believe that the best days of Scranton are before it. I am convinced that once the Scranton government is severely checked, Scranton will flourish. There only needs to be one thing that has to happen for this to occur.

Political Participation

Scrantonians need to participate in local politics. They need to attend city council, voice their concerns, and campaign accordingly. And most importantly, they need to vote for candidates who do not support the status quo. In fact, anyone who is currently part of the Scranton government should not be voted for one there times come for reelection. In order for Scranton to prosper the tone from the top needs to change. Scranton needs the sort of elected officials who are going to be honest and upfront with them. The sort of individuals who will not only cater to the government affiliated but all Scrantonians. The problem with Scranton is that the creative energies that exist within the city are not allowed to freely express themselves. Businesses are overburden with taxation and regulation. Jobs are not available because starting a business is far too expansive in Scranton. Why is it so costly? The government refuses to do the right thing and make cuts at the government level. The city has increased its operating budget despite having a much smaller population. This simply does not make any sense. The People of Scranton need to rise up as one unifying voice and declare once for all that they have had enough.  #Savescranton


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