Scranton Needs Young People pt. 2

This is part 2 to a two part series on why Scranton needs young people. Last time, we spoke of the power of young people to bring ideas, newness and novelty. In this edition, we will discuss the other thing that young people bring to a community – money!
Young people bring money
Now, Scrantonian has been sold a bill of goods that was wrong from the beginning. There were told that they could depend on the real estate gobbling university to provide economic stimulus to the downtown Scranton area. The students were eyed as being the main drivers of this economic plan. It was obvious that the people who came up with this idea were short sighted. Young people do not have any money until they begin working. Expecting them to use their parent’s money is wishful thinking. Nevertheless, the key to obtaining the monies provided by young people is to have them remain in Scranton post-graduation. Now, what do you think would keep a student in Scranton post graduation?
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Young people will stay in Scranton if there are jobs. Now, what will bring jobs to Scranton? According to a report by the Mercatus report explains that Job growth happens when there is a good business environment that facilitates it(here). A good business environment is one in which taxes and regulations are low enough to not impede the cost of doing business. Which brings us back the Scranton’s debt, the debt has to be cut down and the taxes have to be lowered if we want young people to stay in this city.

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