Scranton Needs Young People

The other day I spoke to a bitter Scrantonian who really seemed upset with Scranton. She claimed that none of the students she speaks to want to stay in Scranton. She went on to say that the mall is a failure and that it hasn’t attracted any young people. I told her that I believe that the children are the future. We need to teach them well, and let them lead the way.

The Role of the Youth in Saving Scranton

Scranton’s old boy network and status quo is firmly entrench in far too much of the dealings of Scranton. This is the reason why Scranton is failing so miserably. Yes, there are many brave attempts to change things coming from different parts of the city. But all of these attempts must contend with the bloated untalented dinosaur that is the Scranton Establishment- A group so untalented that they have managed to fail in every venture ever attempted in the past quarter century.  Can you imagine what would happen if silicon value, Hollywood or fashion was dominated by the same people? If there was no new ideas or fresh talent? This is what is going on in Scranton. The proper role of the youth is to challenge the status quo and utilize their creativity to alter the consensus. This is not what is happening in Scranton.

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