The Future Is By Definition Uncertain

If last presidential election teachings us anything it is that the future is definitely uncertain. Nearly all the statisticians, pollsters, press and political analyst were uniform in believing that Trump had absolute no chance of achieving victory. We all know the end to this story, but what can we learn from this? The past doesn’t determine anything about the future. It doesn’t matter how long something has been the way it is. At any moment, things can change and they can change dramatically.


When I first came to Scranton, I was told that Scranton has no chance of ever being anything but a coal miners town. I was told that someone like myself wouldn’t be able to achieve anything in this city. Well, with in the time I have been here, I have managed to rally the business community, regular Scrantonians and interested parties in the NEPA area. I have managed to get press from WNEP, Wellsfargo, Bloomberg, Value Walk, Libertarian Republic, the National libertarian party, Twigs radio, copblock radio, etc….  I said that I would make Scranton national news and I did just that.

Scranton’s Future

Scranton’s future is yet to be determined. We decide for ourselves the story that we will write. Our actions will write this tale. What will be Scranton’s story? I believe it will be the story of a city that has had enough of the double dealing of the establishment and takes the necessary step to make a change. The city of Scranton will belong to the people of Scranton and no longer to the private interest of those lurking in the shadows. #Savescranton

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