Problems = Opportunity

If you want to get further in life, you should view every problem like it is an opportunity in disguise. This probably sounds a bit outlandish, but if you do this you will obtain tremendous results. Hence, the reasons we at Save Scranton believe that Scranton’s problems are actually opportunities.

Good and Bad

There is no such thing as something being all bad or all good. Everything in life has a mixture of both perspectives within it. People may think something like having a great deal of money has no down sides. That is of course until they get more bills, unwanted friends and people coming out the woodwork asking for some handouts. The same can be said for things that appear bad. We believe Scranton should file for bankruptcy and many would consider this a bad situation. That is one perspective. Another perspective is to view it as a chance for Scranton to finally obtain that fresh start it desperately needs. It can wipe the slate clean and start anew.

Taxes and the People

The tax payers are the ones who fund the entire Scranton government. There is no reason why the tax payer shouldn’t also have a say in what goes on in government. If city council meetings are any guide, the people of Scranton are quite unhappy with how the Scranton government does things. The outrageous taxes, excessive fees and absent employment opportunities forces one to ask what is the point of even paying taxes or even living in Scranton? #SaveScranton

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