How bad is Scranton’s debt?

The word from the government of Scranton is that the budget is getting better and the city of Scranton moving forward. What if the Scranton government was completely wrong about this? What if we at Save Scranton have proof? For the past couple of weeks, we have been digging deep into Scranton’s debt and what we have found is darn right astonishing. We fully intend to break this story to all our news contacts but before then let’s consider some things.

Why does the debt matter?

The reality is that the more Scranton owes in debt, the more it will attempt to take money from the Scranton people to pay for this debt. Now, the reasonable thing would be to cut cost at the government level. Now that the Scranton government has no more assets to sell, the chickens are coming home to roost. This means that the city will definitely go to bankruptcy and/or receivership.

Facing Truth

Yes, it is not good news that the Scranton government has run the city of Scranton to the ground. It is also not the best news to hear that Scranton should/will go bankrupt. The fact of the matter is the city needs to confront reality and face the truth. The books need to be open and a candid assessment needs to be made concerning Scranton’s budget. It does not make sense that a city with a declining population has an operating budget that is increasing. Where are the increase cost coming from? Stay Tuned! #SaveScranton

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