Math is Not political

The idea that Scranton should go bankrupt is not a political position. It is a mathematical position. A friend of mind likes to give an analogy about what Scranton is like. Here it is:

Closing up shop

Once upon a time a pizzeria was open for business; It was making pizzas and serving customers. The owners were happy. The people were happy. But then one day, the pizzeria saw that the cost of cheese sky rocket. It considered what it should do. The customers wanted cheese and would not accept a substitute. The pizzeria started selling less and less pizza. The pizzeria also had bills piling up. One day, the pizza owner’s son said he had a great idea. He knew how the pizzeria could make money that didn’t involve selling pizza. He said that he did the research and was amazed. He explained to his father that they could sell the ovens, cash register, chairs, tables, and soda machines. That way they could make all the money they needed to cover their bills. The owner was glad he had such a brilliant son. He proceeded to follow his son’s advice and sell everything he had. A customer happened to walk in while the owner and his son were packing everything to have it sold. The customer said “oh, I didn’t know you guys were out of business?” The owner shook his head and said, “no we are in business, we just sold everything” Now, if this sounds weird to you, good. The Scranton government has sold off the sewer authority, parking garage, stake in Montage Mountain, golf course, hotel, mall, and lease everything else. The Scranton government is out of business. What does a business do that is out of business and still doesn’t have enough money to pay its bills? It files bankruptcy! This is the very reason bankruptcy law exist. Scranton is already bankrupt but it has not done the right thing and filed. Thus, it still has the same amount of cost. Who will pay for this? The Scranton people will pay for this through taxes. To make matters worse, no amount of taxes will take Scranton out of the hole.

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