Accepting Responsibility

No one is going to want to hear this but sometimes the truth hurts. It sometimes hurt so bad that we avoid it. We avoid it like a plague. I am going to tell you something that you will reject. You will fight against it. But the day you accept it, the day you embrace it as truth, your entire life will change.

You Are Responsible For Your Life!

Alright, the immediate reaction people have to responsibility is to avoid it. No one steps up to take responsibility. Why? Responsibility means that if something goes wrong it is your fault. The guilt and bad feelings of being at fault is too much for most people. They think it is better to avoid responsibility than look stupid or bad. Thinking this way will do something else- it will give you no control of your life. After all, if you are not responsible for the things that happen to you then someone else is. If someone else is responsible for you then your life is not in your control i.e children. Since you are not in control of your life, you cannot control your results. This is the cost you bear for not taking responsibility. But if you do take responsibility then all of this changes. Once you take responsibility for your life you regain control. Everything in your life is now under your control. Everything in your life is based on your decisions or actions. Once you are in control then you can direct your life how deem fit.  We can only change those things we are responsible for.

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