Local Pennsylvania News Features Scranton Activist’s Bankruptcy Petition

Save Scranton’s Gary St. Fleur has submitted a petition to the Scranton Government to have bankruptcy put to ballot. Recently, Wnep 16 covered the story. In effect, the ballot would allow Scrantonians to vote on whether or not the city of Scranton should file for bankruptcy. The effort is based on the position that Scranton’s fiscal situation is sinking the city further into economic depression. Reports from Wells Fargo and Mercatus Center detail Scranton’s dire financial straits. The Mercatus Center’s report goes into further detail about the financial history of the city and how its unattractive business climate is robbing it of missed opportunities. The city’s 500 million dollar in debts can never be paid back. The excessive taxes are driving residents and businesses away, only compounding the economic slump the city is in. Bankruptcy is the only option. Full Story Here






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