Why Scranton Needs A Revolution

All Scrantonians know the truth about this city. There is no secret that is hidden from view. Yes, we all know that this city is being sold to the highest bidder to the politically connected. Deals occur in this city that makes no sense. Jobs and favors are doled out like some feudal society(here). Sadly, the surest victims of all this will be another generation who will inherit the failed policies of the Scranton government.


This is the perfect opportunity to realize that there no going back for Scranton. This city has two fates. There are only two destines for this city. It will either both dramatically change its ways and embrace innovation, opportunity, and invention, or it will become a warning. History is littered with these warnings. Those decayed cities that once symbolized triumph but are no more. The warning that adaption is a must and those who fail to adapt will be overcome by time and competition. After all, whether we like or not, lost opportunities have a towering cost. It will cost us the money we could have earned, the experiences we could have had and the opportunities we could have afforded ourselves and our children. Look at Scranton and ask any of the Students graduating from the university if they are looking forward to staying in Scranton. You will obtain a resounding “No!” The death knell has already sounded and we must take a stand against the despoilment of this city. Yes, Scranton desperately needs a revolution.


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