People Vs Government

Money is perhaps the greatest illusion ever created. We are convinced that a piece of paper with some pictures on it is actually worth something. What is the worth of money? Nothing! It is all built on faith. We believe in money and that is what gives it its power. But isn’t that interesting? We are the ones that have value. Money is just s symbolic representation of the value we can draw out of other people.

Yes, We Can

People are the most powerful force on this planet. People build everything we see. They drive the economy. And it is their taxes that pay for the corrupt Scranton government. The Scranton government doesn’t create any wealth, value, opportunities or utility. The people create those things. The greatest scam perpetuated by government is the belief that the people need government. It is the other way around, the government needs the people. What is a government without citizens? Non-existent! It is for this reason that the declaration of independence states that the people create governments. Sadly, the founders of this country warnings are coming to pass. We now have governments, like the government of Scranton,  that are self-serving and poisonous.  But like money, the greatest lie the Scranton government promotes is that the people of Scranton need the Scranton government. Let the Scranton government collapse tomorrow and the people of Scranton will be just fine. Let the people of Scranton leave Scranton (like 50% already have) and the Scranton government will vanish overnight. The people of Scranton hold the Cards!

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