Every day Is An Opportunity To Do Something Different

Everyday we are afforded the option to continue to do what we did the day before or do something different. We tend to doubt our own power and underestimate the strength of our own being. In every conceivable sense, we create the world we inhabit because it is made up of our own decisions. You want to change your world? Make different decisions.

Mindset Trumps All

This is no way a plug for Donald Trump, but the truth is mindset trumps everything. If you ask anyone who has ever achieved tremendous success, “what was the most important aspect of their success?”, they will all say the same thing- Vision. Think of anyone who has ever done something amazing. Disney founded one of the most profitable companies of all time. What was his secret? He believed in the idea of animation so strongly that he put his everything into it. We all have something that makes us passionate, that inspires us- the very reason we are on this planet. The only thing stopping us from living the life of our dreams is us. The greatest secret to accomplishment is that those who have accomplished great things aren’t that special. They are no different than you and I. They only made different decisions. Now, the only question is, “What is your decision?”


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