Never Give Up

Jack MA is the founder of Alibaba, a company that has grown to become the ebay of china. In a country that does not have as much freedoms as we do in America, he dreamed of starting a technology company that would change the way shopping was done in China. There was one problem, he did not have the money, technological skill or team to build this vision. He decided to invite all his friends into a room, all 28 of them, and tell them about his idea. All 28 came up with reasons why he would fail. It was then he decided that the reason poor people stay poor is because they do not seize opportunity. He would not become another statistic; he decided to follow his dreams. Despite the odds, he went on to become a billionaire and now tells this story to anyone who will listen.

Never Give up

Do you know that Ray crock founded McDonalds when he was 60 years old? Walt Disney was fired from his first drawing job because they said he couldn’t draw. Oprah was born so poor that she used to collect roaches as pets. Steven Jobs was fired from his own company. Albert Einstein was told by his professor when he was 16 that he would never amount to anything. Success is not an event; it is a journey. A journey that starts with your decision to go after what you most desire.

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